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Why can't everyone just get along?

Happy Monday, friends!

I am SIX days POST-OP. 🙌

Trying to get back into my regular, early-morning routine. That beauty hour where I do my best reflection. Unfortunately, I will NOT be coming-in-hot with any Bulgarian Split Squats, BUT, there’s nothing about my early-morning mental health routine that causes any concern for possible obliteration of my insides.

My energy levels are beginning to increase and although I am writing this blog entry from my phone because I still find it challenging to sit up to my computer for long periods of time — the key thing is, I AM WRITING IT!

Which means that I am no longer in a horizontal state, dreaming about sloths and the pygmy marmoset family that I am raising in Brazil, where I spend every day teaching them the Solfege Scale so that they know how to recognize the pitch of their little trills in effort to harmonize properly for when they are my backup singers, as I tour the world singing original sea shanties.


I blame THAT crazy train on all of those surgery drugs.

But, it ultimately means that I’m FEELING BETTER than I was last week — a HUGE POSITIVE!

The most exciting thing about it all is that the nasty heartburn hasn’t reared its ugly head ALL WEEK!

And before you think that it’s because I am on a liquid diet right now, which means I am not eating anything that could cause heartburn — sorry, that is NOT a good bingo.

Your gal is a lemon and has previously procured heartburn from water.

Essentially, a portion of my stomach was being a cantankerous ol’ bugger and wouldn’t stay where it was supposed to. Instead of chilling with the rest of its buddies in the South, it had bigger dreams of heading North, to be one with the chest. So, it burrowed its way THROUGH MY FREAKING DIAPHRAGM and set up camp.

Since a stomach CLEARLY doesn’t belong in a chest, any more than a kidney belongs in a knee — things got real weird and uncomfortable.

Like, HEARTBURN from WATER, sort of uncomfortable — along with an ENTIRE repertoire of fun things.

So, my Surgeon stepped in and was basically like, “y’all need to get along” and she proceeded to whip out her scalpel, needle and thread and sewed my stomach AROUND my esophagus into a permanent HUG so that they really have no other choice but love each other — together forever.

Now, all hands are where they should be and I’m sporting designer innards, all wrapped up in a bow.

And I am SO excited.

Not because I have designer innards — I mean, sure, that’s pretty stinkin’ boujie and I AM the kind of lady who likes to drink EVERYTHING from a wine glass simply because it just feels right. BUT, I’m perfectly fine with NOT letting my Diva flag fly for this one and stick with normal innards. However, I’m confident that this is the end of my wayward stomach struggles.

👏 No more getting sick 20 minutes after laying down.

👏 No more being jarred awake because I’m choking on acid.

👏 No more coughing fits as I first get into bed.

👏 No more palpitations and racing heart, if I accidentally overindulge at meal time.

👏 No more EXCESSIVE shortness of breath.

👏 No more continuous playing of the “is-this-a-heart-attack-or-reflux” game.

👏 No more of the frequently debilitating discomfort and pain that walks hand-in-hand with chronic heartburn.

I CAN FEEL THE GOODNESS that is brewing for me and am GRATEFULLY welcoming it into my life. Big changes and tons of happiness are all headed my way — I think they’re just past the overpass there now.

I’m in a bit of pain and discomfort this morning and my energy is NOWHERE CLOSE to the level that I am used to so, the simplest tasks deplete those teeny-tiny energy stores as fast as they are created. BUT, THIS IS ONLY TEMPORARY.

Time flies so quickly and very soon; I’ll be back to my regular schedule of physical activity and the crazy-strong work ethic that drives me to go-go-go.

BUT, until I get back to that level, my body is clinging to THESE three R’s...

Relax. Rest. Recover.

Not to dwell on the past because I’m more of a “how do we rectify it going forward” sorta gal but, I returned to work and my regular activities waaaaaaay before I should have after my first surgery and it may have actually been the catalyst for these challenges...but, not this time.

This time; MY HEALTH WINS. ☝️


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