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She believed she, she did.

I know I often speak of the power of the mind but, it truly fascinates me.


We have so many thoughts that run through our head and the thing is, they’re not all true! Your mind is super sneaky and likes play games with you...but, you have the choice to NOT listen.

For me (and this is different for everyone), I like to surround myself with quotes and affirmations that inspire me to propel myself forward when I’m feeling a little stuck.

For instance, this sits on the desk in my office and it has a double meaning for me.

First, this quote hits me in the feels. It’s about the power of your mind and believing it and achieving it.

Second, it’s actually the power of the quote in action. This is my own creation...I made all of those flowers, designed the front and put it all together — with my own hands. In the past, I likely would have said “nah, I can never make something like that”.

But, now I envision a project and say, “I can TOTALLY make that”...and here were are. I get to look at this every morning when I sit down to start my work day and it reminds me that if I truly believe in myself, I can achieve the big things.

And NOW, I have multiple orders from people to make a personalized creation, like this, for them! So, if other people want to display them in their homes, I will take that as a compliment. 💗


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