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When I was four years old I had a dream about the Easter Bunny. I could see his (big, creepy) face looming over me, as I half-shut my eyes in bed (didn't want him to think I was awake, in case it would hinder me from getting chocolate)...the dream was extremely vivid. It felt like he was actually in my bedroom as I could see my aunt (who was visiting with us at the time) in the bed next to me, my pink “My Little Pony” coat hanging behind the door and my Rainbow Brite doll on my bookshelf. I was excited, yet, really scared because out of all of the childhood characters, the Easter Bunny is probably the most frightening.

Of course, I later learned that what I was experiencing is actually known as sleep paralysis or the "Old Hag" Syndrome...except, instead of a poltergeist-like figure it was an overgrown creature of the forest. It's funny how this dream has stuck with me for all of these years...sometimes things that happen will stick within our memories for years.

I think today is one of those days.

Since my story has aired on the radio, I have gotten tons of positive messages. I am SO GLAD that people have been inspired by what I have accomplished because, it is true – YOU can do it too! Seriously. If I can, ANYBODY can.

BUT, what aired is not the full story.

My story begins now.

Yes, I’ve lost a lot of weight. Yes, I’ve become a healthier, new me, but, NOW, I can live.

Now, I can try new things.

I want to continue to be an advocate for the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery and inspire others with their own weight-loss goals. Additionally, I will endeavor to try new, different activities and show everyone the unique opportunities offered in our province that allow you to become active – and have fun doing it.

Now that I am no longer super-morbidly obese – I can do these things! Previously, I was limited to the elliptical (which I still enjoy, just sayin’) or walking…now, I can try all of the new, exciting offerings out there.

Speaking of accomplishments and Easter…I walked/ran Quidi Vidi Lake yesterday. Previously, just looking from the Boathouse to the Marquee would be daunting, let alone walking the entire Lake. However, yesterday I felt as if I could go around twice. After my outdoor activity, I had (a very small portion of) Easter dinner with my family and topped it all off with a nice visit to Goodlife. So, instead of doing what the old me did by feasting on a month's calories worth of chocolate (which I likely hid from my loved ones in an old suitcase, trunk of my car, behind the crockpot etc.), I enjoyed family time, while being active.

Yes, I still have weight to lose and am definitely not where I want to be, I am far from discouraged as I have come so far and am NOT looking back.


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