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Practice Gratitude

The very early morning is always my favourite.

It’s just me and my thoughts - although the wind is fairly angry out there this morning.

I try to start my day with gratitude. Expressing thanks for the blessings that I have.

It’s really, REALLY easy to get caught up in the negative stuff and forget that there could actually be some positive surrounding it.

This morning, I did a little gratitude exercise and it really shed a different light on my perspective.

Can you identify three areas of your life that you wish were different? Now, here’s the toughie — can you come up with a reason WHY you’re GRATEFUL it is the way it is? You don’t have to share, just write it down or think about it.

One area which I’ve identified as less-than-ideal would be the challenges I have with my “weight”. Something I definitely wish was different (magic wand? 🪄)

But, when I think about it; if I did not struggle with my “weight”, I wouldn’t have met the people who have had similar challenges — some of whom are now my closest friends. My inner circle.

So, take a moment and think about it. Think about an area of your life (not a specific incident, an overall area). Then, try and think about a way you are grateful the it isn’t different.

This may sound all hippy-dippy but, gratitude is truly the path to abundance, happiness and inner peace. 💜


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