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Never underestimate the power of water

Water is super duper important. 💦

Whenever you embark on a new “meal plan”; whether it’s low carb, calorie counting, points based, clean eating...and the list goes on...the one thing that ALL of these plans have in common is WATER.

It’s the bit that the organizer of these plans continually drives home. There must be a reason that eventhough the foundation of these plans is based on different ideas and methodologies, water is the consistent piece in all of them, right?

Well, there is.

Water has been significant contributor to my fat loss (and overall health). This bad boy is 1L and I fill it up AT LEAST four times per day (even more in the Summer). That’s not including the sparkling water I drink as well...I’m not talking about the sweetened water (I used to LOVE those), I’m referring to plain, carbonated water OR, carbonated water with a little bit of natural flavour (no sweetener).

Water just makes you feel so darn good...and the benefits are INCREDIBLE.

It does awesome things for your skin, makes you feel full for longer, helps with digestion, regulates your electrolytes so that you can continue to stay active.

Then, there’s all of the other stuff it does like; flush that bad bacteria from your bladder, protects your organs/tissues, stabilizes the heartbeat, normalizes your blood pressure.

And then some...

So, if you want to make ONE CHANGE today...just one...add more water to your life.

Start small. Don’t give yourself a massive, goal that you will be less likely to attain. Start with eight cups — that’s only 8oz per cup! You can totally do that!

So, go fill up your glass or water bottle or WHATEVER (sometimes I like to drink my bubbly water out of a wine glass just to feel extra boujey 🍷) and make today a HYDRATED one.

I promise, you will totally feel the difference! 💧💙💧


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