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Little Things. Big Impact.

You don’t know the impact your actions can have on someone’s day…month…LIFE.


It’s not the grandiose gestures, either.

Little things.

A smile in the direction of a person who is down-in-the-dumps because they feel like an outcast. A quick compliment on the beautiful scarf that is just the right shade to be perfect on them. Holding the door for the person whose hands are full of bags, instead of letting it close, like all the others on their four KM walk home.

It takes milliseconds to be kind… and milliseconds to change someone’s life. Step back and read that again.


Your very tiny act of kindness could be the very thing one person needed to give them hope and serve as a reminder that there IS beauty and kindness all around them – eventhough they because of their current situation, they feel like “everyone treats EVERYONE poorly.”

On the regular, my mom tells me that I should start posting again. This digital document which captures my life’s journey, with the goal of potentially inspiring someone else or helping them feel less alone. She continually says, “you don’t know how many people you inspire; you know – “the girls” are always telling me that they look forward to your posts” … Naturally I assumed “the girls” was actually just ONE girl – my Ma. You know, a mother’s love and all of that…

But “the girls” are actually women (and men) who have commented to my mom that they not only follow my journey and READ my stuff – THEY LOOK FORWARD TO IT… they feel INSPIRED by it… and that is EXACTLY the goal.

Prior to Christmas, I ran into an old friend that I hadn’t seen in ages. We used to work together and are also in some of the same volunteer circles. She point blank said, “you need to start posting again.”

I was like “what?” …

“You really need to start posting again. You inspire me so much, and you don’t realize how many people you inspire” …

And there it was again. The me not realizing bit. They’re not wrong. I wrote because I like to write – that’s it. I didn’t know if people actually read it?!

I was having a bit of a craptastic day, that day and one person’s comment completely changed that around for me. I didn’t realize that there were others out there who read, enjoyed, and were inspired by what flowed out of this brain of mine. Well, other than my Mama, of course… and my bestie, C… Bestie V has good intentions but, she’s not a “surfer” or “internet reader” or, any of the other ways she has described herself in the past – always ending with “but, I love you though and I get a front row seat anyway because I’ve gone through a lot of it with you” …

So, here I am… writing.

I am making a little bit of a change to my blog though – BEING BUDGIE.

It's definitely not about, for or really has anything to do with birds though… I’m ACTUALLY a little scared of and therefore avoid birds if I can, if we’re honest – sorry, KB!

Why the bird reference then? Budgie is very special to me and everything surrounding it has had a huge impact on my life.

Budgie is ME.

I’ll get into that explanation in another post – it’s too early in the morning for me to start spouting tears. But, for now, here we are…


Thanks for stopping by!

It was so nice to see you!

Let the posts
come to you.

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