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Let your inner Wonder Woman shine

Today we talk. 💙

We tell our stories and share our experiences with mental health challenges to increase awareness to potentially help someone (that may relate) realize that what they are experiencing can be treated and doesn’t have to be a monkey on their back for the rest of their life.

When people can relate to someone else’s story, it enables them to recognize that they’re not alone.

Mental health is JUST AS IMPORTANT as physical health and needs to be addressed with the same urgency.

So, if you are struggling with mental health challenges right now, reach a friend, doctor, support group — anyone! Just don’t struggle alone.

But remember, although you may have a mental health issue YOU ARE NOT YOUR MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE — don’t let it define you.

YOU are an AWESOME human who brings many incredible qualities to this world. So, straighten that tiara on your head and let your inner Wonder Woman shine bright like a diamond — you’ve been holding her back for far too long.


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