Find Your Light...

I decided to whip out the ol’ Swiffer today and give the blog a good dusting. It’s definitely been a hot minute since I wrote something in here.

I’ve still been documenting my health journey but, have been using Instagram and Facebook as somewhat of a mini-blog...until I write a super long post that I’m incredibly proud of and Insta Police are like, “nope — too long”.

So, I figure instead of bottling up all of those words, I need to let them flow freely in a platform that allows me to do so.

So. Hello World!

Errrrr...I mean, Hello AGAIN-FROM-THIS-PLATFORM World!

Ambitious is definitely a word that I (and others) would use to describe me.

So much so that I tend to put my career goals on such a high pedestal that not even the tallest of ladders can reach it. I can see them. They’re all shiny and nice and glittery — glowing in abundance from on high. But, I put them SO HIGH UP that they’re hard to reach. Then, I sometimes pull a muscle trying to vault up to them.

My point is — I put too much focus on that sort of thing sometimes.

Yet, I am a firm believer in doing things in your life that bring you ALL THE JOY. Seriously.

That could be anything for you! Maybe you like building popsicle birdhouses? Or, perhaps your thing is baking molasses raisin bread? Or, you could be the world’s next Mod Podge Royal. 👑

Either way, whatever that is FOR YOU, do more of it.

Who doesn’t want more joy? I can’t think of one single person that if you went up to them and said, “oh hey, girl...I have an extra bag of joy here and I’d love to give it to you”...they’d say “no thanks, misery is my FAVE”.


So, when I’m stacking up those career goals and working super hard on that, I’m leaving less space for the things that light up my world.

Just a side note here, I’m not talking about family or friends — they ARE my joy. The humans (and those of the fur variety) that truly light up my life and make my existence a beautiful one. I am beyond blessed and incredibly grateful to have some amazing people in my corner — a WONDERFUL family and some awesome friends. They bring me ALL THE JOY. Spending time with them — WHATEVER it is — IS the essence of my life.

I’m referring to the activities that being you joy.

For me, the activities that rank high on my Joy-Meter tend to fall into two major categories. Physical Activity and Creativity.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not someone cries out in excitement every time I do a goblet squat — that’s more of a grunt. I mean, ACTIVITIES that I love...hiking. Skating. Swimming. And now, my NEW fave love (that’s ACTUALLY an old love, rekindled from childhood), cross-country skiing. And my beautiful City’s best kept secret is that they rent cross-country skis AND snowshoes...AND, they have a path that is TOTALLY LIT! No, like, LITERALLY covered in lights — WHAT a beauty way to spend an evening!

Other activities that put a pep in my step are all things creativity.

I LOVE crafting and creating pretty things to put in my (and my loved ones) home and am a woman who has an ENTIRE DRAWER dedicated to glue. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Music. Another area that gives me the feels. As a kid, I played the trombone, that has left me but, I still love to make music except, the only instrument I use these days is my vocal chords. There is truly nothing like sitting around a fire or a kitchen table or a living room, with a bunch of friends (when we're Pandemic free, of course); making music. It’s magic!

Writing. Always loved writing. Even as a kid, I wrote a book about a faraway land that could have been the next Chronicles of Narnia — only child, active imagination. But, it has always been that creative outlet that has brought me so much pleasure! HENCE, the too-long Instagram captions (that by the time you read them there’s nothing instant about it), my book that is well over half written and this BLOG!

Writing in my blog brings me joy therefore, I NEED to dedicate time to it.

So, do more of what brings YOU Joy.

Those things that give you the warm fuzzies, even just by thinking about them? DO MORE OF THAT STUFF.

Find your light — BE THE LIGHT.


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