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Don't Stop Be-LEAFING

Good Morning, beautiful! ☀️

It’s Monday morning - time to rise and shine with gratitude and intention.

It’s a new week. Set your goals.

Last week is DONE. Over with. You will never see last week again. You may see variations or other versions of it but we don’t have our very own DeLorean and time doesn’t move backward.

So, release it.

Don’t let any negative energy of last week take space in your new week. Negative energy is HEAVY - it weighs us down and makes us feel overwhelmed and stressed. We need to feel light.

So put that darn negative energy down, you’re going to pull a muscle.

Take a few minutes to breathe deep this morning, reflect and feel yourself fill with an illuminating white light of energy — bring that white light with you as you go through your day.

And in the advice of my little friends here in my kitchen windowsill — “Don’t stop “beLEAFing” because you WILL Survive.”

Have a wonderful Monday! 💕


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