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Are you ready to slay?

You guys, I am SUPER excited that you have committed to joining me in my 30 Day challenge. I can’t promise you that it’ll be a walk in the park but, it’s completely worth it. As you check off each day, you will feel better and better about yourself. When you reach the 30 day mark, I GUARANTEE you’ll be feeling AMAZING both physically and mentally – as long as you complete the daily tasks.

I thought I’d put together a few notes, to get you started.


I’ve been getting tons of questions around cost associated with this challenge. The answer is ZERO. I know all too well the feelings that go with the struggle of trying to lose weight. I have LIVED and am living those feelings. One of the worst things you can do when trying to lose weight is doing it alone. For me, a support system is key to my motivation -- I want to give a support system to you.

I have been given a gift of an extreme weight loss. I feel incredibly blessed to have come this far and want to give back by sharing my knowledge with you. I truly just want to help people be the very best version of themselves. When people are healthy and happy, they have a more positive outlook. In turn, these positive vibes are sent out in to the world, making those around us happier. I want to do my part in spreading the positive in an otherwise negative world.

I just ask that you commit to the challenge and stick with it -- it’s only 30 days.


ALWAYS follow a healthy nutrition plan. For this challenge we won't all be on the same plan, but, we all have to be cognizant of what we put in our mouth. Twenty minutes of cardio and a thirty second plank is counterproductive when chased with a feed of fish 'n' chips. Just sayin’.

I follow the Simply for Life plan. I enjoy this because it’s about wholesome, good foods. The kind of things humans are meant to eat. I am eating foods I enjoy, not starving myself and not putting nasty chemicals in my body. Ultimately, it's a life style change and that is exactly what it is all about.


Hand-in-hand with nutrition is tracking. Track EVERYTHING you eat.

Pop quiz. You’re cooking for the kids and take a bite of their chicken nugget, do you:

a) track it as half a chicken nugget?

b) chaulk it up to not being a full chicken nugget so it doesn’t count?

c) Feel terrible for eating something that isn’t on your plan and consume a family-sized bag of ruffles?

A! The answer is ALWAYS TRACK IT! It doesn’t matter if it is a full serving or a bite – WRITE IT DOWN. Also, don't feel bad if you eat something that isn't on your plan -- it happens. Just don't throw in the towel.

You can write it on paper or, you can use an app on your phone (or computer). My favourite tracking method has always been My Fitness Pal. So, grab a motivational notebook. Download the app. Borrow some loose leaf. Just TRACK IT.

Physical Challenge

Every day I will be setting a new physical challenge. There will be a little cardio, a little strength training or sometimes one or the other. As you complete the physical challenge, remember to take it as slow as you need to. You can modify the exercises based on your own fit level.

You also must remember that I am NOT a personal trainer. I haven’t taken fitness training and I don’t have physical education. I am just a lady who has been around the fitness block a time or two. Throughout my many years of fitness programs, I have learned a few things that I am passing along to you.

Not to be Ms. Legal McLegal but, by agreeing to the challenge, you have agreed that this is at your own free will. If you push too hard and pull a muscle, you must take responsibility for it. The information I am passing along is for informational purposes only – ALWAYS go at your own pace.

Mental Health Challenge

These are the kind of things that give you those warm fuzzies. You may be thinking “What the heck does this have to do with physical health?”…well, A LOT. Your mental and physical health work in sync with each other. If you are living positively and feeling good, you’re more likely to succeed with your physical health goals and vice versa. Reaching your physical health goals will give you positive feelings of happiness, success and pride, which affects your mental health. It’s all working together like cogs in a wheel.

So, make sure you do the mental health part. It’s important. It’s also key to the bigger picture of contributing to a happier world.

Trust me, you’ll feel good about it.

Social Media

Part of the challenge is to tell me how you did and it could be anything. How you felt after you completed the mental health challenge. How many seconds you’ve held your plank. A “sweaty selfie”. A goal you’ve reached…or, just commenting “DONE”.

This serves two purposes.

One, the whole support system. We are doing this TOGETHER. If someone says they reached a goal – CONGRATULATE them! Like their comment! Throw them a gif of a dancing monkey. Whatevs. We all need to feel like we’re doing this together – even me! If we don’t encourage and interact with each other, it’s not going work. So, every day, ensure you interact with that day’s post.

Two, Facebook and its ever-changing algorithm (BOO). When you don’t interact with a page, you don’t always see the content, EVEN if you follow it. So, you may not receive important information – i.e, one of the daily challenges.

So, don’t forget – it’s important.

Finally, HAVE FUN! And, don’t be too hard on yourself if you have a day when you can’t complete the challenge or you’re eating like crap. We’re human. This is how we roll.

Just dust yourself off and come back the next day.

Good luck everyone and here’s to the first 30 days of happiness and health!


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