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Anyone up for some chemistry?


The first thing I think is “CHEMISTRY” and the second thing I think is “see ya, I’m out”. BUT, did you know that this is actually the formula for HAPPINESS? True story!

The S is our “set point” and determines 50% of our happiness! It’s the point we gravitate toward and comes from conditioning (childhood) and genes — everything else is temporary.

The way you grew up (was it a loving, nurturing environment?) and the personality traits you picked up as a kid is a huge contributor. THAT is why it’s super important to help our children develop their minds in a more rounded way — not just their times tables and proper conjugation of French verbs. These habits and traits stay with us for the rest of our lives...sort of like the lyrics to “C’est l’Halloween” (it’s not just me that VIVIDLY remembers that catchy little ditty...right?! 🤔🤦🏻‍♀️).

Some people have a naturally low set point, while others have a naturally high set point.

Someone with a low set point could win the lottery and become ecstatic but, nine months later could be unhappy again...and NOT because they’ve spent all of their money (yikes 😬).

Happiness is based on what is going on INTERNALLY not externally. So, if you set a goal like “I am going to lose 20lbs” and your “WHY” is “then I will be happier”.. Yes, you may fit in to your skinny jeans (oh wait, the Gen Z’s tell us that those are out again now, aren’t they?) BUT, you won’t have that DEEP ROOTED happiness.

But, if you’re someone who has a low set point, it can totally be changed. You’re not chained to it for life and there are ways to increase that internal fuzzy factor.

Then we have C and V.

C is the circumstances (or conditions of living) and V is the voluntary choices we make. The lowest weight is on the C (8-15%) and the remaining is on the V.

And to increase our happiness, the very best thing we can do under the V...

Letting go. Acceptance. Gratitude.

THAT is the KEY to happiness...right there.

So, you may be unhappy right now but, for a lot of us, it’s because of the current (TEMPORARY) external circumstances.

For now, just work on your V to help increase your H — how’s that for some chemistry? ⚛️


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