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A different sort of Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day 2021 - the one where Newfoundlanders were told to “Hold Fast”.

Times are tough right now but, so are we. I have no doubt in my mind that we can ride this out — as long as we stay safe.

Just remember, we got through this last year when there was very little known about the virus, there was no official Public Health protocols in place while out in public, and the only Covid-positive people that we heard about were the extremely horrible situations where people had tragic complications.

But, just think about where we are this year.

They know SO MUCH MORE about this virus now — yes there are still some unknowns and the “variant” is a brand new ball game...BUT, we ARE NOT where we were last year.

We also have more Public Health protocols and procedures in place now...mandatory masks, hand sanitizer in and out of establishments, lower capacities...all of these things HELP. That plan was not in place when we did this before so, we ARE NOT where we were last year.

Covid is a horrible illness and for some people, it can be fatal. I HATE how many lives it has taken and I empathize with the many families who have lost their loved ones to this beast that seemed to pop up out of nowhere. But, it has another side as well — a milder side. Maybe that is exactly the reason why people have been out walking around with it. I mean, you have headache, your first instinct isn’t “maybe it’s Covid” — BUT, it very well could be. And, we know this now so; we ARE NOT where we were last year.

So, even though it’s pretty darn bleak right now, it’s going to be okay.

We are anxious, we are weary BUT, we are SAFE at home...not STUCK at home; SAFE.

Let’s continue to stay in our household bubbles. Share Valentine’s Day with your whole household bubble — It’s a privilege to get to spend time with your loved ones (EAT CAKE like we are doing today — if that’s your thing). Valentines is not just about “romantic” love.

Hold Fast NL — we’ve got this. 💪


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